Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Word of the Day


Pronunciation: \VUR-dnt\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Verdant comes from French verdoyant, present participle of verdoyer, "to be verdant, to grow green," from Old French verdoier, verdeier, from verd, vert, "green," from Latin viridis, "green," from virere, "to be green."

1. Covered with growing plants or grass; green with vegetation.
2. Green.
3. Unripe in knowledge, judgment, or experience; unsophisticated; green.

"Drab in winter, then suddenly sodden with alpine runoff, the region turns dazzlingly verdant in spring."

— Patricia Albers, Shadows, Fire, Snow

Thanks to Constant Comment for today's WOTD entry

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