Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Claus Conspiracy

From ages back in Time,
A Bishop with his coins
Gave succor to unfortunates
And funds to dower daughters.

Although this saintly Nicholas rests
Through centuries of slumber
Something of his spirit lives
When we love one another
A gentle vast conspiracy
Arises round this man
A tale told to the innocents
By parents in all lands.

His myth now robed in red and white
His beard now white and flowing
He dashes round the world by sleigh-
Even if it’s snowing

The story seized by those who sell
Has taken on new life
He first appears at Macy’s bash
And with Rockettes each night

Perhaps a Grandmother or two
Has run afoul his sleigh
Perhaps he’s just a cookie thief
This elf to whom kids pray

All I know is evidence
Is everywhere to see:
Suspicious trails of cookie crumbs
And presents at our tree

Submitted by Hobbie

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