Thursday, July 17, 2008

Long-lost sonnets survive at ShakesQuill

Sonnet 1

Oh damn! My train is late again today,
And when it comes I'm sure it will be packed.
Commuting's sure to turn my hair to gray,
It's got me so completely out of whack.
But if I drove my car it would be worse,
For parking isn't cheap or very fast;
And traffic always makes me scream and curse.
Chicago drivers are pains in the ass.
Like Adam, I could ride a bike, I guess,
But time and energy are falling short.
Besides, I often leave work in a dress,
And sweatiness might leave me out of work.
I'll take the CTA both day and night,
And hope that the delays be only slight.

Sonnet 2

How rare a thing is love today, I think,
So much so that it seems quite out of reach.
I swear that it could drive a girl to drink,
Or president to nearly be impeached.
Yes, single men are few and far between,
Not to be found in bars or discotheques;
And those you find play for another team,
Or stand on line for unemployment checks.
So what's a girl to do? I ask with dread.
Tonight I face another night alone.
Will no man come and join me in my bed,
To love me and to want me for his own?
To be unwed at my age is no crime,
But I'm afraid I'm running out of time.

Submitted by Shaker Liberalandproud

About the work:

After living in Georgia for a while, a crosstown move led Liberandpoud back to these sonnets she had written nearly a decade ago while in grad school for acting in Chicago. "They were actually an assignment for a class on acting in Shakespeare. I always thought that was a pretty cool assignment," she wrote.

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