Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ShakesQuill's Weekly Story No. 1

(See Update)

Ok, Kids, here is what we are calling ShakesQuill's Weekly Story (though that title can be changed based on popular opinion).

Here is the way this will work. Below the "Turn Page ..." link below, I have two paragraphs beginning a story, leaving ample room to roam. From here on out, the story will be written by readers (and contributors), as we ask any of you interested to add a paragraph or two to the story, advancing the character and plot line and eventual other characters.

Some basic thoughts:

- Avoid dominating too much of the character or storyline, try to add your fingerprints and allow the next contributor to the story as many options as possible. Stay within two paragraphs more or less. No real word count, though, use common sense. Unless you rip out 20 paragraphs on it. Then please share. Basically, we'll be pretty liberal.

- Try to time your addition well. I would advise writing your contribution on a separate document such as Word or Notepad, then transferring to the blog comment to the comment box and sending. We want to try to be as linear as possible, but double and triple posts will likely happen. Mainly this will be rectified by the commentors that follow, but if need be, I will break any ties.

- At the end of the week we will post the full story, and introduce another one.

- Have fun. Use this is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild and as a writing exercise.

Update: New random rule: You can post multiple times, but you must wait for five other additions to the story go up before you can go again. Remember, this will be up all week. And we can adjust that rule as need be to whatever is most fair.

Please let me know any questions or recommendations you may have. The start of the first story is directly below:


Her eyes burned. She woke up on the beach consumed with what was causing the gritty flames in her eyes and how to stop it. She awoke tired. After several minutes she lifter herself to a sitting position and looked out over the Pacific Ocean that was nearly lapping at her bare feet. "Well, this is interesting," she thought.

She stood up and the pain ripped through her body in the form of an ache in every muscle she had and a couple muscles that had spontaneously formed - their soul reason for existence being to ache. "This is ... , " she questioned aloud as she looked for the first time around her surroundings, " ... San Diego." She slowly started to piece together the events that had led her there. Then, her perception made itself known and she noticed the cops running toward her in all directions. Doing that patented "I've got my gun trained on you yet I am still running toward you" skip-waddle. And shouting. She dedicated herself to start piecing together things faster.

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