Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I watch my fellow proles, ignorant of history, infatuated with trivia, preoccupied with trinkets, obsessed with ephemeral celebrity, seeking mindless entertainment. I shout a warning to help them see the truth, but my words evaporate in the anesthetic miasma of delusion.

I watch my fellow citizens as carefully crafted lies persuade them, as mongers of cynical words and cruel intentions exploit them, as their fears and desires are used as weapons against them. I cry out to them, trying to share my experiences and knowledge to prevent their loss, but my voice is only a whisper.

I watch my fellow Eloi, who live lives emptied of all meaning, who remain oblivious to their ultimate fate, who passively wait until the siren calls them to line up and feed the ravenous Morlocks. I scream at them to stop, to notice their approaching doom, and avoid an ignoble death, but my mouth is sealed.

My screams unheard, my words unpersuasive, my warnings dismissed as the rantings of a delusional mind. My massive, barely contained, righteous rage goes unnoticed in an uncaring world. My Cassandra's curse continues. Waves of nauseating disgust leave me feeling empty and exhausted.

Submitted by MikeEss

About the Author: "I am an observer of life, but not a participant.

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