Friday, September 5, 2008


At the garden where reality and fancy intertwine,
Greets me a prince with utmost surprise,
Why art thou so fettered asks he, meeting mine
Eyes as he brushed my chains aside,
Swept away was I then, by his gentle breeze of words,
Forsaken my ties to truth for his cherished gaze
And modest smile; where find I perfection so absurd,
My hand he kissed, my heart set ablaze,
But confuse me not with thine honest lies,
Sullen laugh, and heartless love, for my steel heart
Doth break, like glass; and with thy genuine disguise
Shattered the windowpane of my heart,
This affection have I shackled then since,
For 'twas foolish to love the sweetness of a prince.

Submitted by Jenny Huang

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