Wednesday, September 3, 2008


What are monsters made of?
Light, and air,
and a special kind of love.
Everyone is their own monster,
everyone has a secret monster.
Monsters are real.
Are there imaginary monsters, too?
Yes. Of course. Why not?
Imagine your best imaginary friend.
You can do it, can't you?
Of course you can.
Why shouldn't you be able to imagine a monster?
All of your imaginary monsters are real.
They might just be in a different form than you imagine.
Imagine a monster
fifteen feet tall,
with three eyes
and fangs
and shaggy blue fur…
they tell you he doesn't exist.
Hold your tongue.
All that matters is that you know the monster is real.
They tell you it's all in your head,
but you've seen him lurking on the corner of Main Street,
cigarette in hand,
with a bulky briefcase tucked under one arm.
They will tell you monsters are only made out of evil,
but remember,
everyone is made
of light,
and air,
and a special kind of love.

Submitted by Johanna Berliner

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