Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Mind Opener

Ah, Mondays. Here's a little bit about my Monday:

I awoke early after spending the weekend with my in-laws. It's a one-hour flight from where I reside. I learned that having a cab driver blast through the streets of Belo Horizonte trumps several cups of coffee when you get up at 4 a.m.

It was a peculiar morning. After the flight touched down, my wife and I saw a tall man getting off the plane, as well. "Is that Oscar," I asked my wife. We were pretty sure it was. "Oscar" is Oscar Schmidt, the greatest basketball player Brazil has ever produced. Our town would fit well in Indiana, as in a soccer-crazed nation, basketball is a big draw around these parts and some of the top Brazilian players lace it up for our home team. Oscar was one of the first Brazilians I ever heard of after Pele and Carmen Miranda (who was born in Portugal, BTW).

Dropping my wife off at work, we saw the remnants of a motorcycle accident, with the rider still on the road alongside a woman on the road, as well. It turned out the woman was a co-worker of my wife's, and she suffered a severely fractured leg. I felt awful hearing that it was her. She had always been very nice to me and interested in the fact that I'm from the U.S. When I first met her, she was shocked at how white I was. I'm not sure what she expected. But she's just the kindest woman. I wish her well in her recovery.

And so the week starts. It should be an interesting one.

And now it's your turn, my friends. Tell me about Monday. It could be the Monday you are having today, or it could be your most memorable Monday. Or a poem about Mondays. Or whatever you like. Let's open our minds about Mondays.

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