Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday Mind Opener

Hey kids, it's your old pal Bill here with this week's Monday Mind Opener. And yeah. I'm aware it's Tuesday, but I'm a renegade that way. Actually, with yesterday being Labor Day, I decided to hold off until today for the MMO for those of you who do most of your interneting while at work.

We're going to keep it simple this week, as my wife gave me a nice little idea that I thought would make an interesting writing exercise.

The mission: Pick a fruit and write about it. Orange, Apple, mango, wev. You can go completely literal, or let your creativity run wild. You can write about the texture or taste of the fruit, or you can give it a personality and family. You can have a grapefruit run amok through the streets of New York squirting juice and pulp into people's eyes.

It's up to you. Let's get fruity.

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