Saturday, August 30, 2008

Question: Erotica

I bring this question to you, loyal ShakesQuillers - should any type of erotica be permissible here? And what about fiction that contains graphic sexual interludes?

I ask this mainly because it's just not something I had thought about before. And when I thought about it, it wasn't something I could immediately answer. My initial instinct was no to outright erotica as this being a safe place was more important than anything else. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a question I couldn't immediately answer.

Work that has only the purpose to titillate won't be accepted, but obviously there are works that can combine erotica, great story telling, social commentary, etc. And I'm hesitant to make blanket rules on writers who are truly making an effort.

At this point my opinion is thus: Anything that I personally think is too graphic yet worthy of consideration would be tagged as such on the front page and then jumped, so that to continue reading it would be the reader's decision.

Mainly, the words "safe place" are important to me and I take the responsibility given to me here seriously. And while I'm confident my judgment is solid (and even then, there are others whose judgment will override mine), I think this is a discussion we should all take part in. So let me know your thoughts, please.


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