Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Mind Opener

Happy Monday, ShakesQuillers! To get us started for the week we're going to play a little game called Autopilot. The concept is this: I'll give you an opening line, and then you start writing.

And when I say "Start writing" that's what I mean. Don't go back and fix any mistakes you may make, whether they be grammar or spelling or syntax. Just start writing. If you get stuck, you don't even have to make sense, just keep writing. When you don't want to write anymore, stop and hit send. Editing is a no-no.

Honestly, I've used this game as a way to come up with ideas to write or blog about. Some of my better humor efforts have come when I'm feeling totally blanked out and decided to just type. Very often a line or a theme emerges. But even if it doesn't, it's a fine way to get a week of writing started. Be as silly or serious as you like. There are no rules here except one - start writing.

Click to the "Turn Page" link to find the opening line. And have fun.

"The painter stopped her work when she heard the noise. Looking upward she thought "not again." ...

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