Monday, July 28, 2008

State of the ShakesQuill

As we enter the third week of its existence, ShakesQuill has grown daily, and we're already up to 3-5 new posts daily. It has truly been a team effort here at ShakesQuill, and we're thrilled with the reaction from the writers as well as the readers.

So what's new this week? Well, glad you asked. This week we welcome two more "ShakesScribes" to the team, as Kenneth and David K. from the Practical Press have joined the squad. We plan on doing quite a bit with the Practical Press over the coming months, and are excited at the quality and quantity of the work done by the impressive writers at their site. Take a look at the Practical Press here.

Aside from that, this week will feature the second installment of the Weekly Story (yeah, yeah, we missed a week. But .500 is great in baseball, right?) the Monday Mind Opener and a full supply of stories, poems and more from the ShakesQuillers as well as our numerous Guest Writers.

As for additions this week, we will be adding a blogroll that will both link to our writers, as well as to other story sites and writing help sites. If you have any sites you love that you believe should be included in our blogroll, please let me know.

It has been a great opening two weeks here at ShakesQuill, and the ball is just getting rolling. So thank you again for your help and interest as we continue this literary voyage.


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