Wednesday, July 16, 2008

State of the ShakesQuill

Hey everyone, glad you can make it. We've been really pleased with the outpouring of support and interest in ShakesQuill and we're looking forward to this being the perfect home away from home for the creative, those who love them, and everyone in between.

Now, as I explained in comments yesterday, one thing to remember about ShakesQuill - it's a work in progress, and it will likely stay that way. We'll always be looking outside of the box (and inside) for different ideas. Yesterday someone wondered if graphic artists are allowed and we say absolutely. Just send me any efforts you have that you believe will fit in this broad landscape.

A couple words on submissions: Please give me the name you'd like to use for the piece as a guest contributor, plus any bio info you'd like added, as well. Please remember that we can't use everything. That said, I'll try and use everything I get. Thus far I've received some great poetry submissions that will be soon going up, as well as those interested in submitting stories, book excerpts, etc. Really, the response has been just fantastic.

On to the Word of the Day: For those interested, please send me an e-mail with Word of the Day in the subject. Then, we'll figure out how to go from there. As for the style of the Word of the Day, please don't think that the first Word of the Day was the template. If you'd like to add more, such as the word's root and history or anything else, that's fine. Just give links to sources.

And also, let me tell you I'm very excited to see the Weekly Story get off to a great start. I really think this will be a lot of fun and that next week we'll have one hell of a finished product for our first completed (or at least finished) story.

Keep sending in your thoughts and comments because we're listening. I'm really pleased to see so many people show up and so many of us sharing the love of literature, art and community that we want to thrive here at ShakesQuill.


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