Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Mind Opener

First off, let me make it perfectly clear that I am not blatantly stealing this idea from the Web site The Books Stack. That would just be wrong. While I believe that The Books Stack is a very good Web site and would advise book lovers to give it a look, the idea that I would steal from The Books Stack is preposterous.

That said, let me now steal this idea from The Books Stack and alter it as I please - I will give you a list of words below, and you will pick from those words to create a book title, and then give the title a brief description (you only need to use the words from the list for the title). In creating the book title, you can use articles, prepositions, etc. The words given can be used in any order, and you can use as many, or as few of the words as you wish.

Here's an example:

Example Words: aardvark, frank, belligerent, taxi, moxie, night, barn, face ...

Example Book Title:

Frank the Aardvark and Barn Face the Belligerent Taxi: Two best friends share an adventure that take them from Milan to Minsk.

Sound good? And notice, I listed "frank" as an adjective, yet used it as a proper noun. A fine example of thinking outside the box, if you ask me. Feel free to make as many submissions as you like. Let's make The Books Stack proud. The words are below the Turn Page link.

Words: Manatee, morphine, lava, adenoid, flock, tawny, delight, parsnip, tofu, sizzling, tranquil, box, warship, moon, blotto, granite, stock, grape, flop, wart, Texas, stingray, warthog, luscious, smarmy, eclectic, motel, plug, cat, pickle.

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