Friday, July 18, 2008

Jump and Survive

I think it's a joke

That with just one vote

We think we have a choice--

A voice that will save us

from the suffocating waters below.

we see blackness

when it's really clear

go ahead, get up near that place and

Immerse your face in the water

and see if you can tell the difference

between your skin

and the water seeping in

to the pores of your sores

where hatred lies

The symptoms of a world where oppression lives

Needs more than medicine

We need a jump off the edge

We need to dive into the unknown

And suspend for a moment there

In the air between the waves and the ledge

Between the water and the sea

Then fly far past conceptualizing what we know

And even what we think we can be

We need to see

What can't be seen

Right now

But how?

Our eyes can learn

And though the sea may burn

There is calm after the storm.

When it's done

the stinging water will turn soothing

It was all an illusion

It's a change in the boat

That we rock in

Instead of a change in the wave that rocks us

It's a slap in the face

To this messed up place

Where all us sailors live

Let's sink this ship.

Let's survive.

Submitted by Dashaway, find more of Dashaway's work at The Word Warrior.

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