Friday, March 6, 2009

State of the ShakesQuill II

Hi all. I'm Faith, a regular commenter on Shakesville, author of That is So Queer... and various published works around town and I am honored to be the new ShakesQuill editrix. Thanks so much to Bill Wolfrum for all of his work as the founding editor, Liss for basically everything she does and all of the courageous and talented writers that have made ShakesQuill into what it is today.

This is what Bill wrote at the inception of ShakesQuill, it is brilliantly written and still stands true, so:

"One thing to remember about ShakesQuill - it's a work in progress, and it will likely stay that way. We'll always be looking outside of the box (and inside) for different ideas.

A couple words on submissions: Please give me the name you'd like to use for the piece as a guest contributor, plus any bio info you'd like added, as well. Please remember that we can't use everything. That said, I'll try and use everything I get."

I'll be restarting the Monday Mind Opener and I am completely open to ideas about what you would like to see in that department and any others.

I look forward to hearing from all of you. I can be reached at


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